Metropolitan Networks IT Support

IT Networks Infrastructure and Managed Services

IT Networks Infrastructure and Managed Services

Metropolitan Networks is an experienced systems integrator with a proven track record in delivering highly available IT Support. Our staff are committed to finding better ways to address business issues and challenges, using technology and services to realize the organisation’s potential by improving your organisation’s infrastructure and security. We believe our success is due to our no-nonsense, honest approach to our customers, working with the right partners and employing hard working, technically competent staff.

We focus on products and services in the areas of IT Infrastructure such as Wireless Networks, Cabled Networks, Storage,  Virtualization,  Traffic  Management, Security, Voice (VOIP), Video, Project Management, IT Audits and IT Consulting Services. Metropolitan Networks has been consistently providing IT Support quality, cost effective, solutions in these areas for its clients since 2003 across Europe and the Caribbean.

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I had an extremely positive experience working with Metropolitan Networks team. Met-Net is trustworthy, reliable, and extremely hard working. They provides tremendous value to both his customers, business partners and suppliers.
Amir Khan, Senior Account Manager, Pivotal Software, Inc.
Metropolitan Networks was a great chap to work with very dedicated to the cause. Always a great reference point in times of need.
Toby Fenton, Head of Information Services, The Pirbright Institute
Whilst in Metropolitan Network’s position as SE at Telindus and during my role as Technical Support Engineer with Extreme we teamed up on many critical accounts together to resolve complex network and commercial issues. Met-Net’s professionalism and methodical approach always made it a pleasure to work with him. His customer focus is one of the best I have come across within the industry.
Robert Wright, Senior Systems Engineer, Juniper Networks
Metropolitan Networks is an extremely talented team from both a technical perspective in there core area but also building relationships with customers from a business perspective. A good all-rounder.
Darren Houlcroft, Head of Systems Integration, IP, Packet Core, SDN
I met Metropolitan Networks, while I was working as an expatriate in Trinidad. The company I was with bought a packet sharper solution from his company and I can say that all are perfect gentleman, highly professional and very knowledgeable. The company worked aggressively and diligently to meet our strict SLA, providing round the clock support on their solution. Is a pleasure to work and do business with. I will definitely recommend him.
Jide Akintola, Head of Network Engineering and Design, TMX Atrium